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Cleaning and maintenance

After Installation

You have waved goodbye to your floor fitter, but what now? Before you get too excited, we advise following the below instructions to help your floor settle into its new home:

  • Ensure your floor is clear of debris and free from any adhesive residue that may have been left.
  • Try to allow at least 24 hours for the adhesive to dry. During this period, avoid washing floor and replacing furniture.
  • When it is time to move your furniture back in place; lift, don’t drag.
  • Apply felt pads to furniture legs and feet to help protect the floor and for larger items consider castor cups.
  • If moving really heavy items back into place (washing machines/ fridge freezers etc) protect the floor with sheets of cardboard or thin pieces of hardboard.

Cleaning for the first time

We recommend using a pH neutral cleaner such as Everyday Clean and following these steps:

  • Remove coarse dirt using a brush or vacuum cleaner. In case of stubborn dirt or residue, dilute Everyday Clean in a ratio of 1:10 (1 litre to 10 litres of water), reducing the concentration accordingly for slight soiling.
  • Distribute the cleaning solution over the floor and, after allowing to stand for a short time, treat the floor surface using a scrubbing brush.
  • Take up the dirt using a spray extractor fitted with a hard floor adapter or absorbent wide-headed wiper mop and wipe over with clear water to neutralise.
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Distinctive Flooring Cleaning Kit

Mopping for the first time

Dilute Everyday Clean in a ratio of 1:200 (50 ml to 10 litres of water) and mop the floor using this solution. Remove any excess liquid and wait for your floor to dry before walking on it.

Protecting your floor

  • Use felt pads on your chair legs to protect your floor.
  • Lift furniture rather than dragging to prevent damage to your floor.
  • When moving heavy items of furniture or household appliances, protect your floor with sheets of cardboard or thin pieces of hardboard.
  • To protect your floor from indentations, you can use castor cups to help distribute weight, just like with carpet.
  • Install a non-rubber backed mat at entrances to help stop dirt and grit being brought into the house.
  • Maintain room temperature between 13-27°C (55-81°F) for optimum performance.
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